“Homo-Virus” seeks to reflect on the man-nature dialectic while at the same time, asking us to think about the tragic human condition of existing in an uncertain and threatening world. Uncertainties which mark the physical, psychological and social context of contemporary man.

Examples of what we are experiencing today in the world due to new viral epidemics and the destruction of the ecosystem.

These questions are posed to the human being, no longer in the role of Nature’s dominator, but as a symbiotic part of it, as a mutant being, as a being that recreates itself when confronted with hostility. In some way, the transfiguration of human nature, just like a virus within a living organism, which mutates into something pathogenic or fatal.

The work “Homo-Virus”, created by means of sewing, embroidery and applications, seeks to express the existence of the human being, which is characterized by its fragile relationship with nature and its fight against the finitude of the world.

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